Reliable Transmission repair

A1 Auto Care is expert in transmission repair and rebuild, rebuilding both automatic and standard transmissions. Whether your car is foreign or domestic, the experts at A1 Auto Care can rebuild your transmission.

Automatic transmissions have a very complex design and use electronics and hydraulics to operate a series of drums, gears and clutches. In later model vehicles, electronics play a larger part in your transmission’s operation. It utilizes an internal computer to control transmission operation.

What may have previously been diagnosed as an internal transmission failure may be a wiring, sensor or solenoid problem, and/or computer failure.



Standard transmissions

Standard transmissions are not as complex as automatic transmissions but also need thorough diagnostics to locate problems. Standard transmission could have internal damage, a worn or broken clutch, or clutch hydraulic problems. The clutch is designed to stop transmission movement so that the driver can shift gears. Proper diagnostics may prevent you from paying for unnecessary auto repairs and services.

A1 Auto Care in Evanston, IL, provides expert transmission diagnosis. Whether you drive an automatic, standard, domestic or foreign vehicle, A1 Auto Care has an expert technician who can meet your needs.