Power steering

Your vehicle’s power steering system is very complex and is perhaps the most overlooked of all vehicle systems requiring regular maintenance. It is an extremely complicated and sophisticated hydraulic mechanism. The system usually contains a power steering pump, gear & linkages, drive belts, bearings, valves, hoses and seals. Power steering is a system for reducing the physical effort on cars by using an external power source to assist in turning the wheels.

Most vehicles have power steering and the trend to front wheel drive, greater vehicle mass and wider tires means that modern vehicles would be extremely difficult to maneuver at low speeds (e.g. when parking) without assistance. Laboratory and field testing show that most Power Steering Fluids degrade measurably by 50,000 miles. Therefore, a one time exchange of hydraulic fluid at 50,000 miles is SUGGESTED — if a service interval is not included in the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule. Additionally, the hydraulics fluid should be exchanged whenever a system component (pump, hose, rack & pinion, etc.) is replaced.

A1 Auto Care Steering System Flush Service:

  • Removes the old fluid from the reservoir.
  • Vacuum flushes the entire system with a proprietary product formulated to loosen and remove sludge and other contaminants from the system.
  • Refills the system with the correct manufacturer recommended fluid.
  • Restores steering performance.
  • Helps prevent sluggish steering on cold mornings.
  • Reduces or eliminates noise.
  • Provides proper lubrication of system’s components.
  • Helps avoid premature, unexpected and expensive steering system failures.